LEO Overview

A robust proven power saver design for commercial use

LEO is designed to save up to 20% of direct energy (Watts) on most types of AC electrical lighting load. Through its optimal load and supply matching technology, LEO maintains consistent lamp performance and contributes to longer lamp life by reducing heat and lowering power consumption. LEO’s adaptable design will also work with most modern lighting (including many contemporary designs that have a high Power Factor) and still provide a measurable reduction in power consumption.

LEO Features

  • LEO utilises a Patent Pending Energy Management Module driven by a control algorithm based Power and Energy management system.
  • An LCD displays various parameters and program settings. LEO's controller measures and display the following parameters: Voltage, Current, KW, KVA, KWH, KWH saved and total percentile saved.
  • Through its control and energy management system, LEO will automatically adapt to a variety of lighting loads and is able to optimises power consumption for most lighting circuits.
  • LEO's Power and Energy meter enables monitoring of actual consumption and other parameters.
  • LEO includes a manual bypass switch to allow you to instantly evaluate energy saved with and without LEO. No power disruption occurs when LEO settings are changed from Bypass to Savings mode.
  • LEO includes short circuit and overload protection through MCB or MCCB (based on LEO ratings).
  • LEO units can either be wall or floor mounted. LEO's modular design can be adapted for custom applications that require voltages from 120V to 600V and capacities from 25A to 300A.

Benefits of using LEO

  • Significant energy savings on most lighting loads (including high efficiency Fluorescent, Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide and others).
  • Reduced waste heat with relatively cooler lamp operation that enhances lamp longevity, reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Reduction in lighting power bills as well as maximum demand charges due to reduced energy consumption.
  • Harmonics and spikes commonly created by electronic lighting ballasts and circuits are reduced, greatly improving the buildings overall power quality.
  • LEO provides an attractive ROI for most applications.
  • iSaver LEO reduces your total connected power (KW) requirement from your power provider.